VIDEO: ELPHNT Masterclass | Sparking Creativity and Generating Ideas in Ableton Live

Armed only with his Push 2 and some incredible tips and techniques, Ableton certified trainer ELPHNT gave an exceptionally inspiring masterclass during his recent visit to dBs Music as part of the Ableton Education Tour 2019. 


Hailing from South Africa, Tom Glendenning aka ELPHNT was exclusively a drummer in a rock band. However, a combination of unreliable bandmates and a desire to record the music he was creating set him on a path that would move away from his drumming roots and turn to music production. Finding a companion in the Push he began to descend down the rabbit hole of electronic music, eventually becoming an Ableton certified trainer and creating the ELPHNT brand, his online platform for tutorials and bespoke Racks and instruments. 

In his masterclass ELPHNT explored the ways in which we can break through creative block and introduce ourselves to new ideas in a variety of simple ways in Ableton Live. 


Full Talk - ELPHNT (1)



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