Tutor Profile - Amy Edwards


Amy Edwards has been a tutor at dBs Music since 2011 and is now the UK coordinator for dBs Music’s Access (to higher education) course. She has a B.A. (Hons) in Music & Sound Technology and is studying for a Masters Degree in Education Technology. Amy is also a grade 8 classically trained cellist and self-taught pianist with a passion for writing music.

Specialisms include Composition & Theory and Acoustics and Music for Film and TV. Due to her advanced skill set, Amy has become one of dBs Music’s go to consultants for high-level Music Theory and Composition questions. Amy is no stranger to playing live, with extensive experience performing in rock bands, orchestras, various ensembles and as a solo act. She is also a regular session musician with frequent studio work supporting local artists.

With a burning desire to teach and passion for music, Amy is inspired by students who share her love for learning and fascination with creativity. Amy thrives on helping students find ways of harnessing creativity within music, advancing their problem-solving skills, and fostering collaboration across musical genres.

The power of collaboration as a learning tool is central to Amy’s ethos and this is evident in the extracurricular opportunities she provides for her students. As lead coordinator of the C.A.S.T. Project (Collaborative, Audio & Screen Technologies) Amy has created opportunities for dBs Music students to partner with other media departments working on sound for visual media. Participating in real-world, project-based learning environments has lead to dBs Music students being able to enhance their skills within a certain area of the Music for Film and TV industry.


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