Job Focus - Barry Grint of Alchemy Mastering

By Chris Barker August 19, 2016
Barry Grint, Alchemey Mastering

Lessons I've Learnt - Chicane

By Chris Barker August 11, 2016

In our regular Q&A feature, dBs Insider asks the pros about the lessons they've learnt so far...

Video Tutorial - Building A Basic Subtractive Synth In Reaktor

By Chris Barker August 4, 2016

In the below five-part series, dBs Music tutor Alan Miles explains how to create your first,..

Talking Tech - Mat.Joe

By Chris Barker July 29, 2016

Originally from Hannover, this German production duo have been gaining a reputation for..

Jas Morris - 6 Tips for Touring

By Wes O'Neill July 5, 2016

Jas Morris is a previous UK Guitarist of the Year award winner and in 2013 his band Firekind won..

Talking Tech - Rydim

By Chris Barker June 22, 2016

As you can see, German born DJ and producer Rydim has quite the studio. A musician from an..

Talking Tech - Celldweller

By Chris Barker June 15, 2016


Celldweller is the musical alias of Klayton. Based out of Detroit, in the USA, his fusion..

Jo Harman - 7 tips from inside the music industry

By Wes O'Neill June 13, 2016

Jo Harman has been described as “The finest female soul blues singer in the UK” (Daily Mirror)..

Talking Tech - Harrison

By Chris Barker June 9, 2016
Harrison in the studio

Video Tutorial - Chopping the Amen Break in Logic Pro X

By Chris Barker June 7, 2016

In this three-part video tutorial, watch dBs Music tutor Alan Miles tackle the classic Amen..

dBs Music At Freedom Fields Festival

By Perry Callaghan June 6, 2016
Birds eye view of the Freedom Fields site.