Modular Of The Month - Audio Damage ADM17 Proton

By Phin Head August 7, 2017

It's that time again! Time for Modular of the Month! This time our purveyor of patches and synth..

Free Software Friday - IK Multimedia Syntronik

By dBs Music August 4, 2017

Our regular Friday feature here at dBs Music we dig the depths of the music production..

Elektron announce the Octatrack MKII

By dBs Music June 29, 2017

Available in August, this refresh to Elektron's popular sampler sequencer gives it a sharp new..

Modular of the month - Tubbutec: µTune

By Phin Head June 22, 2017

Back with more modular musings is our dBs Music synth-obsessive and dBs Music Plymouth tutor,..

Roland announce new SE-02 boutique synth

By dBs Music June 20, 2017

We were expecting some new synths from Roland but didn't expect this analogue collaboration with..

Interview with John Monkman 

By dBs Music June 13, 2017

After over a decade in the electronic and dance music scene, John Monkman has released on some..

Free Software Friday - Martin Lüders' PG-8X 2.0

By dBs Music May 19, 2017
Our regular Friday feature where here at dBs Music we dig the depths of the music production..

Deluge by Synthstrom Audible is an all-in-one, stand-alone, portable synthesizer, sequencer and sampler.

By Chris Barker May 17, 2017

A little known boutique electronics manufacturer from Wellington, New Zealand has built an..

New monitor speakers from the KRK Systems founder, Keith R. Klawitter

By Chris Barker May 16, 2017

Keith R. Klawitter is best known in the audio recording industry for his legendary,..


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