A budding career composing for screen - Suvi-Eeva Äikäs

If you're a student from abroad looking to study at dBs Music and wonder what it might be like, we caught up with recent Music Production and Sound Engineering graduate, Suvi-Eeva Äikäs to ask about her experience, life at dBs Music and her new job at our sister college, Screenology

*Since speaking with Suvi, she has gone on to work as a composer, composer's assistant and vocalist for Amazon Prime's 'Hannah', Netflix's 'Sex Education', and most recently the FX show 'Devs' alongside Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury. 

Tell us about your time at dBs Music and your experience as a foreign student?

"The start was a bit of a shock and it took a bit of time to find my feet in another country. I remember worrying whether I'd ever learn and get used to having English as not just my studying language, but a language that I use every day and everywhere. I felt like I suddenly put my brain usage on a new level. It's like having the CPU level peaking constantly, so I had to have a lot of breaks to be able to do it. But I found myself being able to process things a lot faster than I expected and I noticed overtime I needed less and less breaks and had more energy to do more and better stuff. It was pretty amazing to develop like that as a person and music maker and I think dBs was a perfect place to do that."

SuviWhat would you say to somebody joining dBs Music and the Music Production and Sound Engineering degree course?

"I'd say... find your own thing, and take time to do that by having an open mind and try out all the different methods and techniques and thinking processes that you're introduced to. It's very much up to you what you get out of the course. Be respectful of the amazing gear and facilities that are yours to use, and be respectful of the staff and people you study with. Keep asking questions and listening, and most importantly keep doing stuff and be proud of what you do."

Tell us about how you started working for our sister school, Screenology?

"Well it started by being involved with some Screenology films and one thing led to another. After the second bigger film I asked if there was anything I could help with as I was going to graduate and had more time for work, and months after I got offered a job."

Are there any other exciting projects you've been a part of?

"Yes I have been assisting a few composers, who's work you can hear on TV and film... but I'm not sure if I should talk about those projects yet. I will be doing some more composer assisting for another two composers soon on one project and I'm really excited about that."

What project was the most exciting to work on and why?

"All of the projects I have been involved in have been exciting! But I really enjoyed creating a semi-interactive installation project on VR last year. We are planning to do some more VR projects when we get the chance. It is really exciting to be able to create something completely new in another world that is controlled by you. Also Elina who I'm working with is such a great person to work with it just made the whole project so much more enjoyable."

How has your time at dBs Music influenced your career?

"Well, dBs Music gave me the tools to develop and learn how to capture and create music to a professional standard. It gave me the necessary boost to do music as a career and not just a hobby. It was really important to have access to all those tools and to be able to pick the tutors' brain on whatever their speciality is. They're such a great bunch who all actually work in those industries they teach about, which is important."

What was your best experience while at dBs Music?

"Well I've got to say when we went to Abbey Road Studios to record Dawn Chorus Ignites, that was pretty magical. I like their music a lot and to hear and see that first hand was just something I never expected to experience!"

What's your plan for the future?

"To keep making music and trying out new things. I’m composing more music for films and looking to involve more people and resources as well. The aim is to make music for unique projects that the team cares about and believes in and to keep meeting awesome people along the way, but also find a way to spend a bit more time with my family and friends."


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