Is the Natus One Wireless Headphone System a DJ's Dream?

Natus-One-HeroshotWireless bluetooth headphones have become commonplace in our day-to-day, but for live performers, particularly DJs, it's harder to make the transition. Leading the charge is the Natus One, a wireless system that promises ultra-low latency, lossless audio, 24-hour use and a simple set up.

The appeal of wireless headphones has always been eliminating one wire in a sea of others. For the casual listener, this annoyance can be summed up with walking past a door and getting the wire caught around the door handle [personal experience], whereas for someone performing live, one twist could uproot a lot of expensive gear and potentially ruin a set. Some would argue that wireless in-ear monitoring already solves that issue, but Natus argues that they are "too complex, too expensive, lacking in audio quality and have only a few hours of play time." 

So how does Natus One look to improve on the concept? Well, the wireless system consists of a transmitter that is connected to the user's mixer or other equipment and a slim receiver that can fit in your pocket. The system is compatible with any headphone, offers a digital link with CD quality audio, only 16ms of fixed latency, 24 hours play time on a single charge and minimum 30ft/10m range. Natus tells us that this list of features makes the system an excellent addition for home studio users too. 



Natus One is currently on Kickstarter with a starting price of $149, but sadly is way off meeting its target. However, the project has received a lot of positive feedback and support so we hope to see more in the very near future. 

Natus One on Kickstarter

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