Interview: Passionate promotion with Mi Casa Su Casa

Bristol is blessed with its vibrant music scene, showcasing some of the finest artists in its many venues, but there's always a chance to go that little bit further. Enter Mi Casa Su Casa, a promoter keen to bring amazing acts to unique locations across the city. We sat down with co-founder Rich King to hear how it all started. 

Tell us a little about how Mi Casa Su Casa came to be…

Mi Casa Su Casa started when close friends myself (Rich King) and Jon Lindon sat having a beer in what was once the Big Chill bar after DJjing at one of their nights.

Having always been passionate about music of various genres I caught the house/techno bug in the early 2000’s through experiencing the genre on various European dance floors, specifically in the period when I moved to Bristol around 2005, which is where I met Jon.

Jon has always been an avid fan of the 4x4 and with a few more record collecting years in this genre than me. He had a pretty inspirational passion/knowledge and record collection which I would say inspired myself a lot. So with my passion, drive and business sense and Jon’s knowledge - and maybe the odd beer - Mi Casa Su Casa was born! Since the start our team has grown over the years to four directors with the addition of John Welton and our own illustrator/artist Laura Wady who are also heavily involved.

Creating your own brand is no easy task, especially not when trying to be heard amongst everyone else. What factors helped Mi Casa Su Casa grow into what it is today?

31492191_1005345979634752_6910748481166508032_oWe stuck to a simple ethos of keeping the events heavily focused on the music and the audience’s experience and how those connections can truly impact the party. Mi Casa Su Casa - my house is your house. Some events use lots of decor and add themes to their events, but for us it was about displaying the artist in its most complimenting and purest way with minimal distractions; we only add a few subtle aesthetics that can add to the inclusive atmosphere and shy away from using too many sensory distractions.

The biggest factor I believe enabled us to grow is just being true to your concept and purpose and sticking with it. This gains trust with your customers and feeds through into your audience and atmosphere. We treat the same level of respect and attention to all aspects of the business, whether it be hosting our artists working with third parties and of course interacting with the Mi Casa Su Casa family.

Success in the music industry is all about the people you know. How did you begin to forge those early connections when first starting out with Mi Casa Su Casa?

At the beginning our brand was unknown so it was important for us to establish good relationships and create rapport amongst many sections of the business. Connecting with agencies and getting the DJs to share their experiences was one area we focused on. One NYE trip to Berlin we actually met up with an agency owner to put names to faces and just discuss what we do and what our vision was. This helped personalise our working relationship and help with better fees and to establish that we weren’t just a one-off party. Just remember there are loads of good, passionate people out there in the music industry so reaching out, discussing and sharing your passion can only open up doors for all, so don’t be shy!

Mi Casa Su Casa

You mentioned that part of your USP is bringing European house/techno music to ‘unique locations’ around Bristol. What’s been your favourite venue so far?

We use a few different locations around Bristol and they all have appeal for different reasons, but simply for the space it has to be the Old Crown Courts' prison cell - it still has the prison bars closing off the DJ. The other space would have to be the pop up shipping container in Temple Meads for the fact our very first event started there.

What’s been your proudest moment so far and why?

Apart from bringing any of the world class DJs to intimate spaces in Bristol - and a lot have never played in the city before - the main thing must being able to continue to throw the events we do and create a space where we hope people will be influenced in a positive way, whether it's inspirational or just simply an enjoyable experience shared with others!

What advice would you give to our students who interested in venturing into the world of promoting?

Grow slowly and try not to not only let your heart lead you, especially when you may just want to book your favourite DJs for any money! Every event will affect the next one so work within your means and build your audience. Finally, stay true to why you started the event in the first place.

Mi Casa Su Casa


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