Free Software Friday - Knobman

Our regular Friday feature where we ask the great and the good at dBs Music what downloadable freebies are floating their boat.

Alan Miles (Music Technology Tutor, Plymouth)

Alan+Miles+dBs+Music.jpgalan+miles+dbs+music"KnobMan VSTGUI - AnimationKnob Design tool - This is a fantastic freeware programme for creating and designing your own animated knobs, switches, faders and personalised imagery for synthesis programmes such as Reaktor, Synth Edit and various modular synthesis software platforms.

"If you want to personalise artwork for your own created software synthesisers; samplers and effects modules this is one of the very best! Back in the day creating your own animated and dynamic knobs and faders was quite tricky using Photoshop. But now, this freeware platform simplifies the ability to create dynamic animated artwork for your synthesiser creations."

Below is a tutorial video from Alan that takes you through some of the fundamentals in creating animated and dynamic knobs and faders.


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