5 reasons to study Electronic Music Production with dBs Music

Turn your passion for synths, software and making music on your computer into a career in the music industry by studying Electronic Music Production with us at dBs Music. Here's our top 5 reasons why we're the industry leaders in electronic music education...


DBS_Bristol2_07.jpg1. Expert tutors that continue to write, record and release electronic music.

Our tutors have performed live and DJ'd at events all over the globe. Plus, they are still producing and releasing music on the most respected electronic music labels in the business. Here at dBs Music, we don't just talk the talk, our tutors have the real world experience, contacts and production knowledge to make sure talent is recognised and you reach your maximum potential


Emp_Cornwall_course_degree.jpg2. The latest software and hardware technologies, plus a whole heap of vintage kit too!

At dBs Music we understand the vast and varied choice of gear that's available today and it's critical for students to be able to get hands on when they need to. That's why we pride ourselves on constantly updating and refreshing our hardware and software offering with a huge amount of software packed Macs in our labs and studios at every centre, you're never going to be short of options when it comes to making music! 


Philth_Guest_Lecture.jpg3. Incredible guest lectures and masterclasses

Because of dBs Music's fantastic connections in the industry, we are able to bring students exclusive guest lectures and masterclasses. We've hosted talks from world class music managers, public relations experts and label bosses to electronic music producers hosting masterclasses and track break-downs in front of a live student audience. 



ableton-meet.jpg4. Learn how to build a profile and how to perform live

A crucial element to making electronic music is understanding how you can translate your music into a show and understanding your artist profile and promotion. So, not only does our course reflect this, but we actively encourage students to get involved in local events, collaborate with other students and start building there artist or producer profile in the industry during their studies.


DBS_Wilson_place052.jpg5. A friendly and social community

At dBs Music we have brilliant support staff who will help you with all your academic goals. From time management, to helping you with your research and anything else you might need to make the most of your studies. Because we are an ultra-focused school, we'll take time to get to know you personally and you'll quickly feel like part of our dBs Music family!