5 dBs Music students have their tracks mastered at Abbey Road

Recently, five of the best performing dBs Music Bristol Music Production students were chosen to visit Abbey Road Studios and the mastering studio of Abbey Road mastering engineer Christian Wright

The dBs Students inside Christian Wright's mastering room at Abbey Road Studios Taking their own mixes they observed and learnt the subtle art of mastering from Christian, who guided them through the process of each track, start to finish. The trip was organised by former Abbey Road engineer and dBs Music tutor, Kris Burton.

"The winners achieved the highest marks for their second year BA mastering module last semester." explained, Kris. "Christian called me afterwards and said he was impressed with their unmastered mixes which is always a good sign from the golden ear of a mastering engineer!"

Now the final masters are complete, Christian will be sending the mastered digital files and copper acetates soon!