dBs Music Student makes Funkhaus Berlin debut

Each year a group of our Electronic Music Production students make the pilgrimage to Superbooth Berlin, arguably the biggest date on the calendar for anyone who is involved in the scene. With over 5,000 attendees all sharing a passion for electronic music, synthesis and music tech, Superbooth offers an experience like no other. 2019 has been a standout year for Plymouth student Jye Cramer who had the opportunity to perform live at the iconic Funkhaus Berlin during the festivities.

We caught up with Jye to talk about the gig, his time at dBs Music and what the future has in store.

Tell us about your time at dBs Music.

"dBs was a life changer for me, I have learnt the skills and the theory behind what I love doing the most. I have gained knowledge from some of the best producers and engineers in the UK. dBs offers a really nice and chilled environment with some of the best studio gear out there. The tutors are really helpful and give you the knowledge you need to succeed in the music business, 10/10!"

What made you want to study Electronic Music Production?

"Music was always my passion, I picked up the turntables when I was 13 and carried on to play alongside some of my idols. I just wanted more, I wanted to know how to make the tracks the DJ’s played, and my dream as a DJ is to have records to play no one else has."

How did it feel to make your debut at Funkhaus Berlin?

"It felt amazing to play my first live set outside the UK, absolutely loved it. Everyone enjoyed it and I had some great feedback from the gig."

Jye LiveYou're known for playing cutting edge Acid Techno, talk us through your live set up.

"For my live hardware set, I use a Roland TR8S for the rhythm section. For the Acid I use the XoXbox 303 replica which I play live. I run the XoXbox through a boss distortion pedal for the more dirty tracks. I also use Ableton Live and the Push 2 when I want to add samples or jam between the hardware and the computer."

How did you prepare for the gig?

"I usually get a nice drum kit and roll with it creating fills and polyrhythms on the fly. I then add the acid line and flip between the two. This keeps you on your toes. I have programmed a series of kits to switch between but I generally improvise, because it's more fun."

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to perform Electronic Music live for the first time?

"The 1st rule is know your kit, if you don’t learn your kit and what it does you'll easily come unstuck when under the pressure of performing live. Think about your sounds and where they fit in the mix and make sure everything is synced properly. Practice is the key."

What plans do you have for the future?

"My aim is to perform live globally, set up my own label and teach my knowledge to others. I am signed to a major record label (UK44) and will continue making tracks for them as well. My focus it to keep working hard and achieve my goals." 



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