dBs Music Cornwall student, Jamison McMackin signs EP to Glitch Shop

Jamison_McMackin.jpgMoving from Austin, Texas USA to our Cornwall campus, dBs Music student, Jamison McMackin has been working away on a stack of new music in the experimental scene he favours. Recently alongside his friend and collaborator Felix, together their act Terrian Tilt has scored an EP release with well known experimental label, Glitch Shop, a label that was originally started by a former dBs Music student too! We caught up with Jamison to ask him about the new EP, signing to Glitch Shop, his time at dBs Music Cornwall and plans for the future...

Tell us a bit about the EP and how the music was produced...
"My friend Felix [Glorkglunk] and I had been writing music together for about a year; Fluorescent Stream is a collection of our favorite compositions we wrote during this time. The EP consists of three contrasting pieces joined by two shorter ambient interludes. We like to draw influence from many different musical styles but always try to avoid falling into a particular genre. Both of us use Ableton Live 9 for production which has been great in allowing us to produce collaboratively rather than having to bounce audio parts back and forth. Felix and I are huge perfectionists and because this style of music demands so much attention to detail, many of our sessions would last for 8 or 9 hours and would amount to less than a minute of new material. To get a break from sitting inside for so long, we would take walks around the neighborhood with Felix’s field recorder and grab whatever interesting or weird sounds we could find/make. We really liked the crispy, organic quality these recordings had and used them liberally in every track on the EP."

How did the EP get signed to Glitch Shop?
"We had pitched the Terrain Tilt EP to two other labels. One of them was defunct and the other liked the music but said it was a bit too rambunctious compared to the other stuff they were going to be releasing this year. I had showed the EP to my tutor Oli Brand, and he sent it over to a previous dBs Music student who he said ran a label specializing in glitchy and experimental music. It just so happened that Roo, who runs the label, was giving a talk at our campus the same week so I had the chance to meet him and listen to his stuff which I liked a lot.Jamison_McMackin_GlitchShop_dBsMusic.jpgTell us about why you chose dBs Music, what you're studying, how you are finding it so far?
"The two primary reasons I became interested in dBs Music were the school’s emphasis on modern, cutting-edge production techniques and its low student to teacher ratio. Having studied Classical Music Composition for a year at an American university, I wanted to delve into an area that was more relevant to my own musical interests. After interviewing with Oli Brand, the course leader for the Electronic Music Production program, and discovering that we had a shared interest in experimental music, I decided to make the big move from Austin, Texas to rural Cornwall. My favorite part about the program has definitely been the opportunity to get helpful feedback and criticism from instructors and the ability to access the studios whenever I’d like. The landscapes around Cornwall are very good at inspiring new creative ideas and it keeps me away from all of the distractions of the big city."

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What's next for you in music, career and studies?
"I’d like to use the rest of my time in Cornwall to put a solo album out that I’m really proud of and to do as well as possible in the course. As much as I love it here, I definitely see myself moving back to a larger city after I’m done as that’s where I feel most at home. I’d like to finish up with a BA in music and then move somewhere with a good experimental scene – haven’t decided where yet! Studying something that I’m passionate about has definitely helped me to really enjoy learning so I could definitely see myself eventually continuing on with my education. I will also be definitely releasing some new tracks in the coming months so stay tuned!"


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