Bristol dBs Music Student, Lee Williams releases on John Digweed's Bedrock label!

Based in at our Bristol HE campus, Lee Williams is an Electronic Music Production student that's already turning out the tracks on the big dance labels. Recently, his track Afterglow was signed to John Digweed and Nick Muir's Bedrock label, with label head honcho, Nick Muir giving it a fresh edit. We tracked Lee down during the summer break to ask him about the making of the track and how he's getting on at dBs Music, Bristol.

How did the track start, how was it produced?
"The track was the product of a analogue jam that I had in my home studio. I had recently brought a Korg Minilogue and the jam was based around a melodic lead that I had designed on this machine. For the past year or so I have been working hard to collect and create a hardware set up that enables me to be able to express myself creatively with minimum effort and mouse clicking. This is one of the first few tunes that I have produced on this set up."

How are your studies going? Why did you choose dBs Music?
"My studies at dBs Music are pretty well, I would say that the main reason that I chose to study at dBs Music was the location as Bristol has such a great creative energy. I also chose to study at dBs Music because of the specialist degrees that they do, I found that the Electronic Music Production course was 100% relevant to what I what to achieve with my music production. I am really enjoying being around like minded, creative and talented artists and have found this has helped my progression no end. Also I have a few fantastic lecturers that have taught me so much and helped me out whenever I have needed it."

How did the signing to Bedrock happen?
"Nick Muir has played at my event Terminal a couple of times and we have become friends and speak quite regularly. I sent Nick the track and he did an edit of it, then a month or so later he emailed me saying that he gave it to John Digweed and he has been playing it out lots and asked if I would be interested in signing it with Bedrock to be part of his Frequencies release. Obviously I couldn't say yes fast enough! [laughs]"

What else is happening during your studies, what do you have coming up?
"I have a DJ residency at Minotaur Sound in Bristol which is a great Techno event, the next party is in November so I'm really looking forward to that. Im also looking forward to playing with the From Berlin With Love crew again. They are a great group of DJs and producers that put on some really exciting events in Bristol and surrounding areas. I'm currently working on a couple of E.P.s as well as a few remixes which will hopefully be released by the end of the year, plus a Terminal boat party along side my friends at Shake in Bournemouth in late September so really looking forward to that!"

Afterglow by Lee Williams is available to purchase on Beatport and is featured on Bedrock Records', Bedrock Frequencies compilation which is out now!