Bastian Bux lists his 5 favourite produced tracks right now


After catching up with Bastian Bux last year, where he walked us through his track Oracle and showed off his studio in our Talking Tech Feature we thought we'd get back in touch to see what tracks he's been digging and why...

1. Patrice Bäumel - Glutes

"I’m a big fan of Baumel’s work, but this is undoubtedly my favourite song from him. The arrangement is pretty simple, and even though the main arpeggiated melody is what takes you into a hypnotic trance with its beautiful progressions and pristine sound, what totally amazes me is this original, weird and exotically long pitch-bent bass sound. It is this kind of sound that you would absolutely never use with the melody that you would never write, and I think that this is precisely what makes it work so well."

2. Rebolledo - Disco Plexotico (Maceo Plex Remix)

"I think that Maceo is one of the best modern artists when it comes to reviving old and even sometimes dated production techniques and clichés from the past, but giving them a totally fresh and new look. In this case I love the vocal-chopping work and the smart use of different vocal samples to create a totally new history. The filtering work with the beats is super interesting and the other trick that I really like on this track is how he plays with different kick drum samples during the song, something really rare to see, and the result is the bomb!"

3. Stephan Bodzin - Wir

"You know those kind of movies where you discover new things every time you watch them? This song is something like this, in a musical way. Where can I start? The way he uses a super minimalistic and at the same time vivid and expressive beat still amazes me. Take a look at those perfectly tuned toms that match beautifully with the bass synth layer that goes in and out through a filter. The reverb of the main melody sound, man, where can I get this astonishing ambiance? Simply amazing. To top it off, the melodic and harmonical structure and arrangement is sweet, emotional and smart. Timeless piece of pure art."

4. Tale Of Us & Vaal - The Hangar

"What’s funny from Tale Of Us is that if you focus your attention into the different layers they use in their productions, they don’t seem complex at all. They sound quite simple. Even the reverbs or the effects they use, the string sounds, etc., they don’t feel like nothing special… But when you hear everything together: Boom. That’s why it is so hard to copy them, I guess. For me this last single they released alongside Vaal is another good example of that amazing Midas touch they have. A great example that your taste and your ears are way more important than the sound sources you have and even the processes you use." 

5. Rüfüs - Innerbloom

"Last but not least, one “out of the club” track. Even though the remixes are fine, for me the original mix of the Australian band still the best, by far. Such a masterclass of arrangement: it takes you through a 10 minutes trip. I would like to highlight the use of quite “simple” and even “cheesy” sounds both for the beats and synths layers, but it still sound serious and credible. The work with the atmosphere is one of the best I’ve ever heard, especially with those little details such as small detunes, vinyl-esque glitches and stuff like that. Then you have the voice, and the synth riff, and the pads…. Masterpiece."

Find out more about Bastian Bux, his latest releases and gigs over on his website and check out our recent feature with Bastian Bux where he talked through the production of his track Oracle and showed us his studio.


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